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Charter Oak, Connecticut by ShanghallaLass Charter Oak, Connecticut by ShanghallaLass
This is an original character concept, designed in 'Fabrica de Herois,' a free online illustration program from Portugal.

FdH allows users to design "supers" in the animated style of the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini Batman and Superman series.

FdH can be found here:


Here's Charter Oak, an armoured super whose skin takes the form of hard, dense this case, an ashy gray wood that is recognisibly American white oak.

When Charter Oak is in his armoured form, his flowing hair becomes the green of oak leaves. His costume also features shades of oak-leaf green, and gold accents that echo the Connecticut state flag. He wears a metal breastplate to reinforce his own natural armour -- particularly important since one of his favoured combat moves is bear-hugging his opponent against his broad chest -- and he carries a shield with the image of the Connecticut state flag.

Charter Oak is very comfortable using his shield one-handed, and he is highly skilled in shield combat. In his green-gloved hands, the shield is not only a defensive device but also a devastating weapon.... It also has a reinforced lanyard that attaches it to Charter Oak's breastplate, and allows him to "sling" the shield when he needs both hands.

The motto in the picture of Charter Oak is the CT state motto. In English, it means: "He who transplants still sustains."

The original New Haven Charter Oak was an unusually large white oak tree that grew on Wyllys Hill, in Hartford, Connecticut. The name stems from the local legend which held that a cavity inside the tree was used, in late 1687, as a hiding place for the colony's charter document.

The Charter Oak fell during a storm in August of 1856. It was thought to have been growing since the 12th or 13th Century.
Terror-and-Love Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
Dude fantastic. Love the powers, pretty darn interesting
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